L’Association canadienne d’arbres de Noël

Canadian Christmas trees provide real jobs for Canadians, from the growers to the farm hands as well as in related industries such as transportation, equipment supply and retail sales.

Why Natural Canadian Christmas Trees?

In Canada, over 28,315 hectares (69,968acres) were dedicated to Christmas tree production in 2011. An acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people.

Buy Local, Buy Real!

Canadian Christmas tree growers put in the same effort and values, if not more, in preparing the majestic natural trees for your home each year.







Amanda-Joe Plantations

Leo Hamel
275, ch Laberee
Sawyerville, QC J0B 3A0
Fax: 1-819-889-3214
Office: 1-819-345-9013
Email: leo-hamel@hughes.net
Website: www.amandajoeplantations.com

Les Plantations Robert inc.

Alain et Daniel Robert
809, rue Principale
Lac-Drolet, QC G0Y 1C0

Telephone: 1-819-549-1152
Email: clients@plantationsrobert.ca
Website: http://www.plantationsrobert.ca

Downey Tree Farm and Nursery Inc

Larry et Marlene Downey
1860 Spring Road
Cookshire-Eaton,QC J0B 1M0

Telephone: 1-819-566-0319
Email: downey.mp@sympatico.ca
Website: http://www.downeynursery.com

Plantation Fortin and Mercier

Jacques Fortin
501, Rang 10
St-Honoré-de-Shenley, QC G0M 1V0

Telephone: 418-485-6247 

Plantation Gabriel Thibeault

700, route 165, Ireland, QC G6H 2M2

Telephone: 418-423-2072
Email: gabriel.thibeault@hotmail.com

Plantation du Pinacle Inc. (Valfei Products)

Charles Vaillancourt
1632 Route 141 Nord
Coaticook (QC) J1A 2S8

Telephone: 1-819-849-7019         
Cell 1-819-570-0542
Email: charles@valfei.com
Website: http://www.valfei.com

Productions Résinex Inc.

Gilles Pelletier
43 rue Norbert-Morin
Ladurantaye, QC G0R 1W0
Cell: 1-418-563-1475
Office: 1-418-884-2664

Email: resinex@globetrotter.net
Website: http://www.production-resinex.com

BL Christmas Trees

Hugo Lemyre – Yohann Blanchette
7993 Boul. Bourque Sherbrooke, QC J1N 3G7

Telephone: 1-819-864-7218
Email: info@blchristmastrees.com


Robert E. Enos
1790 Rang 1 Nord, St-Ignace de Stanbridge, QC, J0J 1Y0

Tel: 450 263-9821

Plantations Nicholas

Francis Gilbert

59 Route du domaine, C.P. 2204 Adstock, QC, G0N1S0

Tel: 581-634-1115
Cell: 418-230-8678
Email: info@plantationsnicholas.com

Plantation Thibault

Gabriel Thibault
700 Route 165
Irlande, QC, G6H 2M2
Tel: 418-423-2072
Cell: 418-334-8900
Fax: 418-423-2072
Email: gabrielthibault@hotmail.com

Les sapins du Pôle Nord

Réal Audet

685 Antoine-Plamondon, Lévis, G6C 1P3, QC

Tel: 418-838-0355
Email: raudet01@hotmail.com

Jean-Luc Beloin Inc.

Jean-Luc Junior Beloin
435 route 253
East Hereford, QC, J0B 1S0
Tel: 819-844-0932
Cell: 819 452-0932
Email: junior.beloin@gmail.com

Plantations J.J. Croteau Inc.

Yannick Croteau

434 du Cap, St-Fortunat, QC G0P 1G0

Tel: 819 344-5825
Cell: 819 740-7692
Email: jjcroteau@hotmail.com

Sapinière et Pépinière Downey Inc.

Larry Downey
435 route 253
1860 rue Spring, Cookshire-Eaton QC J0B 1M0
Tel: 819-566-0319
Cell: 819 678-5329
Email: downey.mp@sympatico.ca

Bechedor Inc

Nicole Doyon

1508 25e Avenue, Saint-Prosper QC G0M 1Y0

Tel: 418-594-8580
Cell: 418 225-3599
Email: bechedor@bechedor.com

Entreprises Gaudreault-Vanier

Laurent Gaudreault
970 rang 6
St-Gabriel de Brandon, QC J0K2N0
Tel:450 835-7834
Cell: 514 946-2400
Email: laurent_gaudreault@hotmail.com

Arbre Joyeux Inc.

Renald Gilbert

1077, route 271 Sud, Ste-Clothilde-de-Beauce QC G0N 1C0

Tel: 418-427-3363
Cell: 418 230-7678
Email: c.gilbert@enjoytree.com

Plantation Benoît Labbé Inc.

Benoît Labbé
970 rang 6
12 rang Lisée, Weedon QC J0B 3J0
Cell: 819 571-0551
Email: benoit.labbe@sympatico.ca


Lucien et Serge Lapointe

3140 De Lyon, Longueuil QC J4L 3S1

Cell Lucien 450 670-0878
Cell Serge 514 346-8882
Email: morencylapointe@hotmail.com

Plantations Ideales 2017 inc

Christian Morin
360, rang des Chutes
Ham Nord QC G0P 1A0
Email: idealplantations@gmail.com

Plantations Ideales 2017 inc

Jimmy Morin
736 rue Royer
Lac-Drolet QC G0Y 1C0
Cell:819 583-7614
Email: jimkl@axion.ca

Plantations Stéphan Perreault

Stéphan Perreault

331, route 143 Nord, Val-Joli (Windsor) QC J1S 0C1

Tel: 819-845-1160
Cell: 819 578-7580
Email: plantationsperreault@gmail.com

Les Plantations Univert

Richard Plante
385 rang 11
Bonsecours QC J0E 1H0
Email: richardplante@univert.biz

Sapins Drummond

Gérald Rajotte

3305 route Caya, Drumondville QC J2A 2Z5

Tel: 819-477-4084
Cell: 819 817-0580
Email: sapinsdrummond@icloud.com

Les Produits Valfei inc

Charles Vaillancourt
1632 route 141 nord, CP80
Coaticook QC J1A 2S5
Tel:819 849-7019
Cell: 819 570-0542
Email: charles@valfei.com

Les Produits de la Ferme Vanasse (2006) Inc.

Christian Vanasse

1168 chemin Vanasse,/Barnston Ouest C.P. 1459, Ayer’s Cliff QC J0B 1C0

Tel: 819-838-4662
Cell: 819 578-0439
Email: vanassefarm1952@hotmail.ca

Canadian Christmas trees are grown in a non-polluted cold winter environment. These conditions allow real trees to flourish, bringing warmth and beauty to your home for Christmas.Because Canada Grows World-Class Christmas trees!please contact the Provincial office Wholesale Suppliers of Christmas Trees and Greenery from British Colombia