L’Association canadienne d’arbres de Noël

Canadian Christmas trees provide real jobs for Canadians, from the growers to the farm hands as well as in related industries such as transportation, equipment supply and retail sales.

Why Natural Canadian Christmas Trees?

In Canada, over 28,315 hectares (69,968acres) were dedicated to Christmas tree production in 2011. An acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people.

Buy Local, Buy Real!

Canadian Christmas tree growers put in the same effort and values, if not more, in preparing the majestic natural trees for your home each year.







Drysdale Tree Farms Ltd.

6635 Simcoe road 56
Egbert, Ontario, Canada, L0L 1N0

Telephone: (705) 424-9719
Email: info@drysdales.ca
Website: www.drysdales.ca

Somerville Nurseries Inc.

5884 County RD 13
Everett, Ontario, Canada, L0M 1J0

Telephone: (705) 435-6258
Email: info@somervillenurseries.com
Website: www.krisskringle.com

Canadian Christmas trees are grown in a non-polluted cold winter environment. These conditions allow real trees to flourish, bringing warmth and beauty to your home for Christmas.Because Canada Grows World-Class Christmas trees!please contact the Provincial office Wholesale Suppliers of Christmas Trees and Greenery from British Colombia