The Canadian Christmas Trees Association

Canadian Christmas trees provide real jobs for Canadians, from the growers to the farm hands as well as in related industries such as transportation, equipment supply and retail sales.

Why Natural Canadian Christmas Trees?

In Canada, over 20,558 hectares (50,800 acres) were dedicated to Christmas tree production in 2021. An acre of Christmas trees produces enough oxygen for 18 people.

Buy Local, Buy Real!

Canadian Christmas tree growers put in the same effort and values, if not more, in preparing the majestic natural trees for your home each year.

About Us

We are Christmas Tree Growers and we take Carbon out of the air!

We represent the industry on the national level, so we can work effectively with other industries as well as with federal and provincial governments.

We provide the means for growers across the country to stay in touch and up-to-date with best growing practices that technology, research and experience have yielded.

Our mission is to provide members with information regarding the effective use of resources for sustainable business practices.

The Canadian Christmas Trees Association (CCTA) is the umbrella group of Canada’s provincial Christmas tree associations. For more information contact the CCTA Executive Director

Word of the President

Christmas Tree Promotion Board Testimonial

The Canadian Christmas Trees Association is pleased that the Christmas Tree Promotion campaign is established and working for the future health of our industry. As the national trade body to represent Christmas tree growers in Canada, our board of directors are fully supportive of this initiative.

Real, farm grown tree producers have such a positive story to tell. Yet few of us will ever have the resources to individually coordinate or finance a significant advertising or public information campaign. Not only does the Promotion Fund finance promotions, it also supports critical research initiatives for our industry. The Promotion Levy is designed so every significant grower pays the same amount per tree and this strategy assures we are supporting our future. The appointed Board members, who manage this campaign, are growers with differing backgrounds from all across the continent ensuring all interests are balanced.

The reason to purchase a real tree is many and varied by each individual and this is why we need to continue to repeat our message. The Promotional Board’s strategy has an excellent opportunity to get our message out to the public and cover a variety of topics all benefiting the industry. We have heard objections by sectors in our industry that our sales are strong and therefore the need to invest in promotions is not needed, however let’s remember the market share the artificial industry has garnered over the last decades. A continuous strong presence in the public eye is needed to compete with this.

Every solid business plans for expansion and promotion and the Christmas Promotion Board is such a unique opportunity to support production research and market expansion. We are the last harvest of the season and it is associated with a beautiful celebration felt all over the world. We are a significant part of creating memories for the young and old. Our story is positive and supportive of our farms, farmers, the environment, and traditions. It allows families to connect and enjoy the warmth and uniqueness of a real tree.

The Research and Promotion Fund has the full support of the Canadian Christmas Trees  Association. Many of us wholesale to retailers and U-Cut operations. The data gathered a positive consumer response to the promotions that has taken place to date. We need to continue. We all want to “grow”.


President Fred Somerville, CCTA

Recycling Your Trees

If there is no program in your community to reuse Christmas trees, please start a recycling program.

Keeping trees out of landfills means that your Christmas tree will continue to be a valuable resource.

  • Christmas trees turned into mulch and firewood allow for the recycling of the renewable energy stored in the tree.

Most municipalities have a Christmas tree recycling and mulching program.

  • Typically, you can recycle your Christmas tree free of charge at seasonal drop-off locations or directly at landfills.
  • Most programs chip Christmas trees into mulch.
  • The mulch is used in green spaces around the municipality and is often available free of charge to residents.
  • The programs such as restoration of streams and rivers, programs with animal and  wildlife rehabilitatation sites  and local mulching programs are announced in your local media just after the Holiday season.
  • Please contact your municipality for details.