Wreath and Garland productions are offshoots of the Christmas tree industry.

As you will see below, wreaths are labor intensive items that bring cheer to your door.

Gathering Branches Stickney, New Brunswick


  • Branches are cut from the trees, either in the wild or from trees brought in from a plantation or tree lot.
  • The branches are trimmed to the perfect size for wreath-making.
  • Several kinds of trees are used, including Douglas fir, blue Spruce, Cypress and Scots pine, to add variety to the greenery.
  • Branches are sorted around the work stations.
  • Wire rings are used as the base of the wreaths.

Each wreath is handmade, the designer choosing the mix and the size of branches needed to make a pleasing and fresh finished product.

  • Bows and other decorations put the finishing touch on a wonderful product to add and accentuate holiday cheer.


delong3Garlands, also known as roping, is used to decorate homes, banisters, mantles, fences and more.

A garland machine is used to feed wire to a machine, where the operator adds pieces of greenery, thus making use of all the branches not used in the wreath-making process. The branches are woven with the wire to create various lengths of garlands.




Private woodlot owners market primary forest products, an essential part of our economy.

  • In New Brunswick alone, there are approximately 40,000 private woodlot owners.
  • In New Brunswick, the wreath and garland industry is very well established.
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