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Canada’s Major Christmas Tree Growers

New Brunswick ׀ Nova Scotia | Ontario | Quebec | British Columbia

New Brunswick

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Perry Christmas Tree Farm

Arnold Perry
39 Bolton St. Moncton, NB

Tel: 506-855-4005
Cell: 506-864-4847


L&R Evergreens Ltd.

Laura and Raymond Folkins
92 Route 870
Kierstead Mountain, NB E5P 1V6
Phone: 506-433-4229


Balsam Fir






Wholesale, Retail, Choose and Cut
All Sizes of Trees from 4′ ti 12′ Balsam Fir Only








Wreaths are available








30+ years of business experience

Members of the Atlantic Christmas Tree Growers Association

 Nova Scotia

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All Nova Scotia Green Christmas Tree Co-op Ltd.
PO Box 98
New Germany, NS  B0R 1E0
Phone: 1-902-527-0134
Fax: 1-902-530-6110
75,000-100,000 balsam fir – all grades Available upon request.  Made to order Brush available Quality at a fair price
28+ member-producers marketing co-op Uniform grading
Balsam Fir densities light, medium, and heavy
Height 4′ to 12′
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Giants Lake Balsam Fir

Craig Cartwright

13A Hillside Dr., Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada B2G 1H5

Cell: 1-902-870-1144

Fax: 902-863-3556



250-5000 trees of all grades and sizes (bale grade to Premium #1) Wreaths Available Brush Available Giants Lake Balsam Fir is a family owned and operated business providing Christmas trees and balsam products for more than 30 years.  Our trees are grown on sustainable, natural stand and tree lots in Northeastern Nova Scotia.
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J&M Reeves Christmas Greens Ltd.

John and Matthew Reeves

1595 Forties Rd.
RR 1 New Ross, NS B0J 2M0

Phone: 1-902-689-2471
Fax: 1-902-689-2834

 15,000 balsam fir  5000 wreaths 75,000 lbs of brush Growers and exporters of high quality balsam fir trees, wreaths and greenery
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Elite Balsam Products Inc.

Scott MacKinnon2345 Antigonish-Guysborough Rd.
St. Andrews, NS, B0H 1X0

Phone: 1-877-4Balsam

Balsam Fir.

Limited amounts of Fraser Fir

Top Quality Balsam Fir products since 1988

Partial or full truckloads available

Minimum orders apply

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Traditional Evergreen Tree Farms Ltd.

Randy NauglerP.O Box 25
Bridgewater, NS  B4V 2W6

Phone 1-902-543-7728
Cell: 1-902-527-6923
Fax: 1-902-543-4327

Lunenburg County Balsam Fir Brush Available






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Grower and International supplier of high quality Balsam fir Christmas trees

In light, medium and heavy density grades

Marketing in the USA east of Mississippi

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G&C Hughes Enterprises Ltd.

136 New Russell Rd.,
New Ross, NS B0J 2M0

Phone: 1-902-689-2733 or 1-902-670-7550 Fax: 1-902-689-2834


All grades and sizes of balsam Fir wreaths available on request We also sell twine, flagging tape, swas, trimmers, shearing machines, shears, palletizers, rain gear and basic tree supplies
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Lunenburg Balsam Fir Co-op Ltd.

Fred Eidt
P.O. Box 485
Bridgewater, NS, B4V 2X6

Phone: 1-902-700-6874 or 1-902-824-0526

15,000 balsam fir
2′ to 20′
 by request 25 lb bundles of balsam brush available The Lunenburg Balsam Fir Co-op Ltd. was incorporated in 1996. Its 11 members have over 350 man years of combined experience growing balsam fir. Our trees and greens are grown on natural woodland sites under the most environmentally sustainable practices.
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Northeastern Christmas Tree Association
797 South River Road
RR 2 Goshen, NS, Canada, B0H 1M0Phone:  1-877-783-2430
Fax:    1-902-783-2451
80,000 balsam fir 15,000 2000 bales of brush Shipping quality balsam fir trees, brush and  wreaths since 1973 to international and Canadian markets.


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Drysdale Tree Farms Ltd.

6635 Simcoe road 56
Egbert, Ontario, Canada, L0L 1N0

Telephone: (705) 424-9719

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Somerville Nurseries Inc.

5884 County RD 13
Everett, Ontario, Canada, L0M 1J0

Telephone: (705) 435-6258


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Amanda-Joe Plantations

Leo Hamel
275, ch Laberee
Sawyerville, QC J0B 3A0

         Telephone:1-819-889-3214              Fax: 1-819-889-3214
Office: 1-819-345-9013

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Arbres de Noël Côté-Henderson

Daren Côté
2386, Rang 8
Inverness, QC G0S 1K0

Telephone: 1-418-453-2482                     Fax: 1-418-453-2482

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Arbres Joyeux Inc

Rénald Gilbert
1077, route 271 N
Ste-Clothilde-de-Beauce, QC G0N 1C0

Tél: 1-418-427-3363

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Quebec Balsams Inc.

Gerald Couture
2250 rue Hugo, Sherbrooke, QC J1J 3W5

Telephone: 1-819-679-9974 Fax: 1-418-483-5602

Email: Website:

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Les Plantations Robert inc.

Alain et Daniel Robert
809, rue Principale
Lac-Drolet, QC G0Y 1C0

Telephone: 1-819-549-1152
Email: Website:

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Downey Tree Farm and Nursery Inc

Larry et Marlene Downey
1860 Spring Road
Cookshire-Eaton,QC J0B 1M0

Telephone: 1-819-566-0319

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Plantation Fortin and Mercier

Jacques Fortin
501, Rang 10
St-Honoré-de-Shenley, QC G0M 1V0

Telephone: 418-485-6247

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Plantation Gabriel Thibeault

700, route 165, Ireland, QC G6H 2M2

Telephone: 418-423-2072

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Plantation du Pinacle Inc. (Valfei Products)

Charles Vaillancourt
1632 Route 141 Nord
Coaticook (QC) J1A 2S8

Telephone: 1-819-849-7019         Cell 1-819-570-0542

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Productions Résinex Inc.

Gilles Pelletier
43 rue Norbert-Morin
Ladurantaye, QC G0R 1W0
Cell: 1-418-563-1475
Office: 1-418-884-2664


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BL Christmas Trees

Hugo Lemyre – Yohann Blanchette
7993 Boul.  Bourque Sherbrooke, QC J1N 3G7

Telephone: 1-819-864-7218

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Daniel Vanasse

1385 Main St.
Ayer’s Cliff, QC, J0B 1C0

Tel: 819 838-4990
Cell: 819 345-0951                            Fax: 819-838-5491

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Robert E. Enos
1790 Rang 1 Nord, St-Ignace de Stanbridge, QC, J0J 1Y0

Tel: 450 263-9821

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Plantations Nicholas 

Francis Gilbert

59 Route du domaine, C.P. 2204 Adstock, QC, G0N1S0

Tel: 581-634-1115
Cell: 418-230-8678                          Fax:418-427-5108

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Plantation Thibault 

Gabriel Thibault
700 Route 165
Irlande, QC, G6H 2M2
Tel: 418-423-2072
Cell: 418-334-8900                       Fax: 418-423-2072



Canadian Christmas trees are grown in a non-polluted cold winter environment. These conditions allow real trees to flourish, bringing warmth and beauty to your home for Christmas.Because Canada Grows World-Class Christmas trees!please contact the Provincial office Wholesale Suppliers of Christmas Trees and Greenery from British Colombia

Why Buy Canadian Christmas Trees?

Canadian trees are typically pruned annually, holding back the upward growth and making the trees branch out.Annual shearing give our Christmas trees the bushy appearance that distinguishes premium Canadian Christmas trees.Choosing a real Canadian-grown tree is a cherished tradition for millions of people around the world. People with a real Christmas trees in their home consider their tree the single most important item of the Christmas season.

The Canadian Christmas tree tradition is now in its third century of popularity!

Prince Albert, SK

Many vividly remember going out to cut the family Christmas tree in nearby forests when they were younger. These memories: choosing the perfect tree, bringing it home, decorating it and enjoying it during the Christmas celebrations, are long-lasting and greatly cherished.

The fragrance that Canadian Christmas trees bring to a home cannot be duplicated by artificial trees.

We can still enjoy this tradition thanks to the “choose and cut” Christmas tree farms located across our great country. When they are on the farms, families not only choose and cut their own tree, but they can also

  • Have fun on hay rides through the plantation
  • Enjoy hot chocolate
  • Purchase a wreath for decorating the house.

Buy Local , Buy Real


Canadian Christmas trees provide real jobs for Canadians, from the growers to the farm hands as well as in related industries such as transportation, equipment supply and retail sales.

In Canada, there are currently 33 500 hectares (82 700 acres) of land used for growing Christmas trees. Not only does this provide habitat for birds and other wildlife species, but it also provides lots of oxygen.

As the trees are harvested, new ones are already being grown in the transplant beds to take their place in the plantation

It is generally agreed that the use of an evergreen tree as part of the Christian Christmas celebration started 400 years ago in Germany and spread to most of Northern Europe by the 19th century.

Canada was first introduced to the Christmas tree in 1781 in Sorel, Quebec, by a German immigrant, Baron Friederick von Riedesel. The Baron’s tree was a balsam fir cut from the dense forests of Quebec and was decorated with myriad white candles (for safety reasons, we do not recommend the use of candles today).

While in the 1950s most trees harvested in Canada were grown in forest settings, today 98% of the Canadian production comes from Christmas tree farms


deliveryIn the early 17th century Germany, wafer thin strips of silver were used to decorate Christmas trees.

Thus began the tradition of decorating with tinsel.

Considering the high value of gold and silver throughout history, this decorating tradition shows how much value was placed in decorating those early Christmas trees.

Canadian Christmas tree growers put in the same effort and values, if not more, in preparing the majestic natural trees for your home each year.

© Canadian Christmas Tree Growers Association