blue_spruce2Colorado Blue Spruce: (Picea Pungens) are slower growing trees, taking a few years more to bring to market, but well worth the wait. They have a natural colour variation from blue to green.

Colorado Blue Spruce characteristics:
• symmetrical shape,
• attractive blue foliage.

Colorado Blue Spruce needle characteristics:
• 15-30 mm (.5-1.5 inches) long needles,
• short and stiff,
• four-sided,
• very good needle retention.

This tree naturally grows to 20 – 30 meters (65-100 feet) in height. They may grow slowly, but they last up to 600 years in the wild.


white sapruceWhite Spruce: (Picea Glauca)grows across North America throughout the Canadian Shield and northern United States.

White Spruce characteristics:
• excellent shape,
• wonderful color,

Needle characteristics:
• blunt tip,
• blue green needles,
short and stiff, 1.5 – 2.2 cm (1/2 – 1 inch)
• four-sided,
• good needle retention.

The wood from white spruce is light and soft with a straight grain. The wonderful properties of this wood have found wide used including musical instruments, plywood and furniture. The trees will reach up to 50 meters (140 feet) in height and grow to be up to 300 years of age.

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