Buying a real Christmas tree does not deplete the forest. It is like buying food or fiber products and is fully reusable


Plantation view by helicopter You see the various stages of growth that occur on a Christmas tree plantation Lennoxville, Quebec

Keeping trees out of landfills means that your Christmas tree will continue to be a valuable resource.

  •  Christmas trees turned into mulch and firewood allow for the recycling of the renewable energy stored in the tree.
Most municipalities have a Christmas tree recycling and mulching program.
  • Typically, you can recycle your Christmas tree free of charge at seasonal drop-off locations or directly at landfills.
  • Most programs chip Christmas trees into mulch.
  • The mulch is used in green spaces around the municipality and is often available free of charge to residents.
  • The programs are announced in your local media just after the Holiday season.
  • Please contact your municipality for details.

Alternate Ideas

  • Other ideas of what you can do with your tree include:
  • Use the tree for fish and aquatic habitat near shorelines.
  • Cut into small pieces and use for decorating your plant beds.
  • Use this year’s tree for firewood. Cut the tree into pieces for use at a bonfire.
  • You may want to keep a small piece to start next year’s first holiday fire.
  • In Nova Scotia, trees are used to protect sand dunes from erosion.

If there is no program in your community to reuse Christmas trees, please start a recycling program.


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