The Canadian Christmas Trees¬† Association is the umbrella organization of Canada’s Provincial Christmas Trees Associations.

Our mission is to provide members with information regarding the effective use of resources for sustainable business practices.


  • Information at our fingertips
  • Connectivity with growers, CCTA office and Provincial associations
  • Ability to share concerns with US and International Shipments
  • Ability to strengthen and improve the business environment of the industry

Having a Voice

  • Large unified lobbying voice
  • Ability to strengthen and improve the business environment
  • Forum for networking
  • Provide members with essential information concerning federal changes and initiatives which may affect or enhance their activities.


  • With the Christmas Tree Promotions Board
  • With the NCTA in the US to strengthen our position
  • Networking and access to inter-provincial communications
  • Liaison between provincial associations
  • Liaison between International organizations (border crossing issues, sales, government, problems with pests)

Minor Use

  • Having an expert and be our voice with the Minor Use (attending conferences, working on trials and getting registrations on chemical use, and always keeping our association informed so we can keep all provincial association informed)
  • Representation at the PMRA for registration of new pesticide products
  • Number of pest management control studies


  • Access to inter-provincial field and technical days
  • Access to see how other growers and farmers operate (equipment, field layouts, planting, pruning, fertilizing, harvesting)
  • Opportunity to share labour and ask questions to your fellow grower

Federal Market Access Secretariat

  • International Market Access and working with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as a National Association
  • Assistance to exporters with international or domestic plant health movement
  • Understand how the industry is functioning across Canada
  • Working together on problems and challenges our industry is experiencing
  • National representation for new market development
  • Assist exporters with international inspections and pre-clearance inspections.

Media and Publicity

  • Access to our website
  • Updated web listing of wholesalers promoting their business
  • National representation for media coverage
  • Promotion of National Christmas Tree Day
  • Working relationship with all avenues of media to address issues, comments and education of our industry.
  • Using Social Media


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