Here is a collection of articles showing the scientific and environmental differences between Real and artificial Christmas trees
Conclusion: Christmas Trees are the Environmental Choice

Get real. That’s the answer to whether to buy a real Christmas tree or an artificial one, according to research done by the David Suzuki Foundation

To tree or not to tree

Environment Canada’s Biosphere: Environment Museum

Biosphere, Environment Museum

Clean Nova Scotia, a non profit organization to improve the environment
The Annual Christmas Tree Debate
Environment Canada asked their specialists to consider the issue of Real vs. Artificial Christmas trees
Should I buy a real Christmas tree or an artificial one?
Dr. Patrick Moore; Co-founder and former president of Greenpeace, PhD in ecology, BSc in forest biology
Real or Artificial Christmas Trees?
Read about PVC, Polyvinyl Chloride, used to make artificial needles and other parts of artificial trees

PVC article at Wikipedia Dangers of PVC Center for Health, Environment and Justice, NYC

The US National Christmas Tree Association has weighed the environmental sides to both real and artificial trees

Making An Eco-Friendly Choice: The Environmental Debate Settled

The Christmas Tree Farmers of Ontario have explored this subject as well

Why should I choose a REAL Christmas tree?

The Smithsonian Museum, Making your holiday tree Eco Friendly

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

According to Newsweek Magazine: It’s time to start planning for an eco-friendly holiday. Turn down the lights, and use a real tree

How to Have a Green Christmas

Noël Vert: French Article outlining positive effects of Christmas tree operations

Sapin naturel ou Sapin artificiel ?


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